Thank you for your interest in Balance-Based Torso-Weighting (BBTW) and for becoming a certified BalanceWear® Provider.
You can visit https://www.balanceweareducation.com/ and click on the enroll now button to see the first 2 Webinars (FREE)
Once you finish the free class, it is $550.00 for the full BBTW class which includes the next three webinars, a virtual meeting with Cindy Gibson-Horn, PT (CEO of Motion Therapeutics and Inventor of BalanceWear) to work with a family member/friend/ colleague.   We will give you access to the next webinars once you are enrolled.
Then Cindy Gibson-Horn, PT will meet you online several times until you feel comfortable with patients..this could be 3-4 patients.  In addition, for Certification, you will write a mini case report and send in a video.

Become a Certified BalanceWear Provider and GET 21.75 CEU.

For enrollment inquiries, group pricing, and further details please email us at info@motiontherapeutics.com or you can connect toll-free at 888-330-2289.

PS: We will give you a separate invoice via QuickBooks and you can pay online. It is important that you will register for parts 1 & 2 of the webinar.

Once we receive your payment, we will give you access to the next webinars.

Full BBTW Course