Balance-Based Torso-Weighting

Part 3, 4 & 5


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Training Objectives


Learn where to apply the perturbations on the body


Integrate Assessment and Grading Balance Loss


Assess Directional Balance Loss


Apply the Testing Garment Fitment


Document and Grade Balance Loss


Learn the Strategic Weighting Protocols

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BBTW?

Balance-Based Torso-Weighting is a patented evaluation system that results in a custom weighted garment. A therapist assesses an individual’s balance in twelve parameters of anterior, lateral, posterior and rotation to determine problem areas in accordance with the BBTW Assessment Method. Once the balance dysfunction is identified, small non-obtrusive weights are strategically placed on the torso (trunk) to provide sensory input to enhance stability to the patient’s directional instability and thereby stabilize the torso and address balance-related mobility difficulties. Patients frequently report improvement in their balance, mobility, and confidence during their first visit.

Who is Motion Therapeutics Inc (MTI) ?

MTI provides innovative, non-invasive wearable postural control and balance stabilizing products that may help individuals with mobility and balance issues. The company’s patented BalanceWear® series of Truncal Orthosis vests and patented Balance-Based Torso-Weighting Methodology (BBTW®) was developed to provide help to patients balance and mobility disorders by stabilizing the trunk. Many older individuals and those persons with neurological conditions may have a loss of postural control and compromised balance as a symptom of a medical condition. BalanceWear may be helpful for such conditions. NOTE: BalanceWear is not a medical treatment or cure for any disease.

Do you have patient testimonials?

Yes, we have a lot of success with the BalanceWear Technology. You can read our patient testimonials here.

Do you have testimonials from your trained clinicians and therapists?

Yes, our clinicians have seen significant progress on their patients and clients. Please read the testimonials here.

What are the research and studies behind the BalanceWear Technolgoy?

Several research and studies have been published with a wide range of patients that have been helped with BalanceWear. Please browse over our resources here.

How can I be a certified BalanceWear Provider?

To become one of our Certified BalanceWear Provider you must be able to attend and complete the requirements in one of our virtual or live training events. For more information, please send us an email or call us at 888-330-2289.

One Time Payment


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Thank you for your interest in Balance-Based Torso-Weighting (BBTW) and becoming a certified BalanceWear® Provider.
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Once you finish the free class, it is $475.00 for the full BBTW class which includes the next three webinars, a virtual meeting with Cindy Gibson-Horn, PT (CEO of Motion Therapeutics and Inventor of BalanceWear) to work with a family member/friend/ colleague.   We will give you access to the next webinars once you are enrolled.
Then Cindy will meet you online several times until you feel comfortable with patients..this could be 3-4 patients.  In addition, for Certification, you will write a mini case report and send in a video.

Become a Certified BalanceWear Provider and GET 22 CCU (ProCert states – Until June 2021 ONLY!)

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For enrollment inquiries, group pricing, and further details please reach out to Cindy at cindy@motiontherapeutics.com or you can connect toll-free at 888-330-2289.