Directional Balance Assessment and

Strategic Weighting
Balance-Based Torso-Weighting® (BBTW)

5 Pre-recorded Webinars plus virtual live, in-person, or hybrid training

(CEU Credits: 21.75 CEU / 2.175 CCU)

BalanceWear Fitting Assessment with Cindy Gibson-Horn

If you work with these type of patients, BalanceWear may help your patients!

BalanceWear® has shown significant improvements in Balance and Mobility

[Some have Same-Day Changes]


Older Adults






Parkinson's Disease


Multiple Sclerosis


Spinal Cord Injury






Huntington's Disease


Traumatic Brain Injury


Failed Back Surgery


Other Back Disorders

Course Description

Postural control and directional balance loss are evident in older adults and those with orthopedic and neurological disabilities. This intermediate Balance-Based Torso-Weighting course identifies three-dimensional balance loss through specific testing of static, anticipatory, and reactive control. This class trains the clinician in strategic weighting protocols to address three-dimensional balance loss with weighted orthotics to immediately stabilize the core and torso to improve postural control.

This course provides both self-paced Pre-Webinars and low instructional ratio In-Person (Max 14:1), Virtual Live  (Max 8:1) or combination hybrid training. The Pre-Webinars provide the background, evidence, assessment, and strategic weighting protocols prior to hands-on training. All Virtual or In-person follow-up labs include hands-on patient volunteer cases. Virtual live training and volunteer patient treatment will be scheduled upon request.

The hands-on training integrates the assessment and technology with patient volunteers to ensure the clinician understands and implements the procedures with best practices. Case reviews of each volunteer throughout the sessions enables clinicians to reflect and understand the implications of the technology across patient populations and levels of disability.

The in-person, live virtual and hybrid classes are the same with exception of enrollment numbers. Virtual application sessions may be split into separate sessions versus two-day hands-on training.


The attendee will become competent in the practice of Balance-Based Torso-Weighting


By the end of the Pre-Webinars attendees will be able to:

  • Recite three evidenced based research studies of Balance-Based Torso-Weighting (BBTW).
  • Describe two ways to improve the chances of adaptive neuroplasticity.
  • Review anatomical muscles of the trunk and actions.
  • Identify the magnitude, velocity and directional loss of balance from videos with 80% accuracy.
  • Document and determine the balance loss score on the assessment form with 80% accuracy.

By the end of the lab the attendees will be able to:

  • Apply perturbation to the torso with accurate hand placement and speed with 80% accuracy.
  • Apply strategic weights on the torso per protocols to improve reactive control of balance in volunteers with 80% accuracy.
  • Analyze differences in qualitative versus quantitative movement of pre and post balance and gait measures to determine benefit of strategic weighting 100% of the time.
  • Justify the orthotic type to use with BBTW with 80% accuracy.
  • Demonstrate assessment and first two strategic weight placements with 80% accuracy.

Certification Requirement:

  • Produce a written case report and perform the assessment online or via video with 90% accuracy.

BBTW Course Journey

Webinar 1 & 2

This 2-hour FREE TRAINING is an introduction to Balance-Based Torso-Weighting® and will enable you to learn the background and evidence behind the BalanceWear® Technology, research and studies conducted, and the application to wide range of patients that have mobility and balance problems. 

You will also receive a certificate and if you are from the State of NY,  0.2 PT CEU will be given after passing a 10-question test. If you are not from NY, you can apply in your own state to utilize the training toward your CEU. 

Webinar 3, 4 & 5

In this webinar, the following topics will be discussed

  • Directional Postural Control Assessment
  • Directional Postural Control Assessment Reactive Control
  • Directional Postural Control Assessment and Strategic Weighting to Control Balance

Hands-on Training

This part of training can be done in person, live of hybrid. The hands-on training integrates the assessment and technology with patient volunteers to ensure the clinician understands and implements the procedures with best practice.

Case review of each volunteer throughout the sessions enable clinicians to reflect and understand the implications of the technology across patient populations and levels of disability.


After completing the online and hands-on training, clinicians are required to produce a written case report and perform the assessment online or via video with 90% accuracy in order to become a certified BalanceWear-trained clinician and BalanceWear provider.

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BBTW Research And Publications

1. Impact of the Balance-Based Torso-Weighting System on Balance, Gait, Vestibular-ocular Function and Symptom Self-Report in an Individual with Vestibular Dysfunction. Click Here to Download

2. Immediate clinical improvement using BBTW in patient with severe, chronic cerebellar ataxia. Click Here to Download

3. Impact of BBTW system on falls, gait speed and gait quality in an individual with multiple sclerosis. Click Here to Download

4. Fall Reduction during the sensory organization test with and without BBTW in people with MS. Click Here to Download

5. The Effects of Balanced-Based Torso Weighting (BBTW) on Mobility in People with Huntington’s Disease: A Case Series Experience. Click Here to download

6. The Effect of 5 Days of Balance-Based Torso-Weighting on mobility-limited, community-dwelling older adults. Click Here to Download

7. Investigating the effects of Balanced Based Torso Weighting on improving balance in PN patients. Click Here to Download

Click here for more research Posters and Publications.

BalanceWear® Videos 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BBTW?

Balance-Based Torso-Weighting is a patented evaluation system that results in a custom weighted garment. A therapist assesses an individual’s balance in twelve parameters of anterior, lateral, posterior and rotation to determine problem areas in accordance with the BBTW Assessment Method. Once the balance dysfunction is identified, small non-obtrusive weights are strategically placed on the torso (trunk) to provide sensory input to enhance stability to the patient’s directional instability and thereby stabilize the torso and address balance-related mobility difficulties. Patients frequently report improvement in their balance, mobility, and confidence during their first visit.

Who is Motion Therapeutics Inc (MTI) ?

MTI provides innovative, non-invasive wearable postural control and balance stabilizing products that may help individuals with mobility and balance issues. The company’s patented BalanceWear® series of Truncal Orthosis vests and patented Balance-Based Torso-Weighting Methodology (BBTW®) was developed to provide help to patients balance and mobility disorders by stabilizing the trunk. Many older individuals and those persons with neurological conditions may have a loss of postural control and compromised balance as a symptom of a medical condition. BalanceWear may be helpful for such conditions. NOTE: BalanceWear is not a medical treatment or cure for any disease.

Do you have patient testimonials?

Yes, we have a lot of success with the BalanceWear® Technology. You can read our patient testimonials here.

Do you have testimonials from your trained clinicians and therapists?

Yes, our clinicians have seen significant progress on their patients and clients. Please read the testimonials here.

What are the research and studies behind the BalanceWear® Technology?

Several research and studies have been published with a wide range of patients that have been helped with BalanceWear®. Please browse over our resources here.

How can I be a certified BalanceWear® Provider?

To become one of our Certified BalanceWear Provider you must be able to attend and complete the requirements in one of our virtual or live training events. For more information, please send us an email or call us at 888-330-2289.

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